Supported test devices and file types

Each cycle station, potentiometer or measuring instrument company designs the structure of measurement files differently. One of the main goals of Batalyse is to evaluate the measurement data of all relevant companies correctly. The decisive factor is not the type or age of the instrument used, but the structure of the measurement file.

We are continuously expanding the scope and the supported measuring instruments. If your measurement data is not, incorrectly or not fully evaluated, please contact us (see chapter Feedback).

Batalyse currently supports the listed measuring instruments and file formats (as of 14.06.2022):

  • Arbin (xlsx, xls)
  • AVL (csv, xls)
  • Basytec (txt, csv, xlsx, sql)
  • Biologic (txt, mpt, mpr with connector: Link)
  • Bitrode (txt, csv)
  • Digatron (text)
  • EC-Lab (Biologic) (mpt, txt, csv)
  • FuelCon (txt, csv)
  • Gamry (dta, txt, csv)
  • Graphtec (txt, csv)
  • Ivium (txt)
  • Keysight (xls)
  • Maccor (txt, csv)
  • Modulab (csv)
  • PEC (txt)
  • Scienlab (txt, csv)
  • Modulab (csv)
  • Neware (xls)
  • Thyssen Krupp (txt, csv)