Service, Update, Administration, License expiry, Hardware

1) Hardware (Collect and Mind)

  • Your data is stored at your site on your local servers
  • The required hardware depends on your background. We can support you in dimensioning it
  • Alternatively a cloud server can be applied

2) License expiry

  • Collect/Mind: After license expiry the stored data and information isn’t lost and can still be used but no new data can be gathered and store
  • Data Analysis can't be used any more if license duration ended or if the evaluation limit was reached.

3) Administration / Updates

  • Done by you (no programming skills required): Administration e.g. setting user profiles, managing network folders to overwatch, adding nomenclature to categorize your data etc. is done by the customer
  • Done by you: Updates for Data Analysis have to be downloaded and installed by you
  • Done by us: Updates (security and new features) for Collect/Mind

4) Data access

  • We have no access to your data!