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Batalyse-Data Analysis is an app that requires the program Origin (2019b or newer) ( Origin is a scientific analysis software that can be used to graphically display measurement data. A free test version of Origin can be downloaded here:

Data Analysis is a program that automatically evaluates measurement data from batteries, fuel cells and analysis devices. The target group of Batalyse are scientists and development engineers in research and industry who work with/on energy storage devices. The advantages of using Batalyse are:

  • Considerable time savings in evaluation. Complex diagrams, in which manual evaluation would take many hours, are created within a few seconds.
  • Many customers use test devices of different manufacturers (e.g. Basytec, Scienlab, Maccor etc.). Batalyse evaluates independently of the applied manufacturer device.
  • Batalyse not only evaluates measurement data from lithium-ion batteries, but can also be used for a wide variety of energy storage devices (redox flow batteries, supercaps, fuel cells, etc.).
  • Batalyse can evaluate a variety of electrochemical methods such as capacitive cycle tests, electrochemical impedance spectrometry and cyclic voltammetry (CV)….
  • Batalyse also allows online mass spectrometry (MS) measurement data to be selected and, if required, linked to electrochemical measurement parameters.
  • A large number of result diagrams are generated automatically.
  • The result diagrams have a high quality and expressiveness and can be placed directly in publications or reports without post-processing.
  • The result diagrams are created in up to two languages (e.g. English and German). This allows diagrams for international presentations and national reports to be created in a single evaluation routine.
  • Any number of measurements can be processed sequentially and automatically (“batch evaluation”), e.g. during lunch break or overnight.
  • Batalyse is a user-friendly program. All information required for the measurement is requested via an easily accessible input mask. No programming background knowledge is required.
  • A comparison of different measurements is made at the touch of a button.
  • If required, all result diagrams can be output immediately as graphics files in a desired target folder (e.g. jpg).
  • Batalyse can be adapted to your requirements.

We wish you a lot of fun with Batalyse-Data Analysis!