Installation, Uninstallation, Updates

Please download and unzip Batalyse-Data Analysis. You can find a tutorial here.

Installation of Batalyse-Data Analysis Full/Trial Version:

  1. Please start Origin.
  2. Drag and drop the Batalyse-Data Analysis installer (.opx) into the Origin Apps window.

  1. After the installation is complete, the Batalyse icon and a toolbar appear in the Origin App bar. Batalyse is started and executed using the toolbar buttons.
  2. The toolbar can be moved and attached to the Origin menu or toolbar at any time.
  3. Read/accept the disclaimer, add your mail adress and select the button Request/Activate License. We will add you to our license server and contact you by mail when your license is available.
  4. Licences can be assigned to a specific computer, an Origin licence network or additionally/alternatively to a defined usage number of evaluations.
  5. We provide free test licenses for new users

To uninstall, simply right-click on the Batalyse App icon and select “Uninstall”.

If you want to update your Batalyse-Data Analysis version, simply drag a newer installation file into the Origin window and confirm. You can see if your Batalyse-Data Analysis installation is up to date by opening the input mask in the toolbar. In the top of the dialog you will find information about the validity of your license, the installed version and if newer Data Analysis versions can be downloaded. You can also display the “Changelog”. It contains information which changes and improvements have been implemented compared to the previous versions of Batalyse.