The Batalyse Toolbar

After installing Batalyse, you will find the Batalyse Toolbar when you run Origin. Various function buttons are listed here with which you can start the evaluation of measurement data. If a function button has a grey background, it is not currently not available, e.g. if measurement data are to be compared but no measurement data is available.

In the following, the function buttons are described from left to right:

  1. Launch Batalyse: Starts the evaluation. The folder system of your computer is called up to select a measurement file. After selecting the measurement file, the evaluation starts automatically if a parameter file is available. Otherwise, the input mask for creating a parameter file opens.
  2. Reset Graph Elements: This function is only active if already evaluated measurements are available in your Origin project. On activation moved label elements like the “C-Rate” are placed correctly again.
  3. Compare Workbooks: If your Origin project contains result diagrams of different measurement data, the selected measurements will be merged into one result diagram for a better comparison.
  4. Split Online MS Graph: Special application for the evaluation of online mass spectrometry (MS) data. A result diagram is generated for each selected mass.
  5. Re-open Parameters dialog: Opens the input mask of Batalyse to create a parameter file for a measurement.
  6. Open File Parameters List: Displays an overview of the created measurement parameter files. Links them to selected measurements.
  7. Import from Database: Connects Batalyse to a server/database of your measurement instruments.
  8. Copy Layer Plots: Copy all measurement curves from one layer of a result diagram to another similar result diagram.
  9. Support and Updates: Opens a mask with links for the support, download link for the user manual and the current Batalyse version and provides a key for creating a full version of Batalyse.