License system

Licenses can be assigned/tied to

  • a specific computer
  • a single Origin license
  • an Origin license network
  • an Origin license network with defined users (=subgroup)
  • a specific computer without internet connection (offline license)

Free test licenses- We provide free test licenses for new users! Duration: ~3 weeks with possible extension

  • In this time we add required features, test devices/structures, graphs for free to address customer needs
  • Test files, requested features etc. can be shared by our file server:
  • We don‘t share these information with any third party and are welcome to sign corresponding NDA
  • You can test for free until Data Analysis works flawlessly for you

How to get a license

  • Install Batalyse
  • Click on support and updates, open license dialog
  • Please read and accept our Disclaimer, add your email, choose opt-out functions and click on Request/Activate License
  • We add your license to our server and contact you by mail

License options:
License costs

  • Please contact us at to receive an offer
  • Tiered price system for industry and public research
  • Discount for 2 or 3 years license duration, start-ups and permission to advertise with customer name and logo