Installation, Uninstallation, Updates & Trial Version

Batalyse is installed by drag and drop. When you purchase Batalyse, you will receive a Batalyse installation file (.opx) and a license file.

The installation of the Batalyse Trial Version works in the same way as the installation of the full version with the difference that you do not need a license file and that the Batalyse Trial Version only allows a limited usage of Batalyse (e.g. one month).

  1. Please open Origin
    1. Click with the mouse on the license file, hold down the mouse button, and drag the file into the Origin program window.
    2. Click with the mouse on the Batalyse installation file (.opx), hold down the mouse button and drag the file into the Origin Apps window.
  2. After the installation is complete, the Batalyse icon and a toolbar appear in the Origin App bar. Batalyse is started and executed using the toolbar buttons.
  3. The toolbar can be moved and attached to the Origin menu or toolbar at any time.

To uninstall, simply right-click on the Batalyse App icon and select “Uninstall”.

If you want to update your Batalyse version, simply drag a newer installation file of Batalyse into the Apps window and confirm. You can see if your Batalyse installation is up to date by opening the input mask in the toolbar. In the top right corner you will find information about the validity of your Batalyse license, the installed version and if newer Batalyse versions can be downloaded.