Evaluation of several measurements in succession (batch evaluation)

With Batalyse you can evaluate several measurements and leave your computer workstation at the same time. You can evaluate your measurements during lunch break, during a meeting or overnight. To evaluate several measurements, click Launch Batalyse in the Batalyse Toolbar.

When selecting the measurement file, select/mark not only one but several measurement files. You will then be prompted to create a parameter file for each of the selected files (see previous chapter). If parameter files have been created for all measurement files, the evaluation of all measurement files starts one after the other. The parameter files can also be created before the end of the measurement and must have the same file name as the measurement file! A tool for creating parameter files (in stock) and for linking parameter files with measurement files is the Open File Parameter List function button. (see Open File Parameters List).

If the parameter files are already available, the evaluation starts automatically with the selection of the measurement files (Launch Batalyse).