Collect is a database software integrating a SQL and file server to improve the data management for your company or lab independent of business and sector.

  • Collect - automatically gathers, stores, categorizes, standardizes your files from the raw data to result files.
    • Define your own nomenclature and screen the file header(s) to automatically categorize your files.
    • Create database profiles as data containers for specific employees, departments, groups, projects and/or your complete company.
  • With Data-Analysis you can directly evaluate files stored in Collect and save back the calculated results and diagrams.
  • Mind reads and visualizes all data from Collect. Connect your test and production raw data with applied materials and processes.
  • Collect includes a specimen and test plan library.

Collect categorizes your data by examining file name, file origin, file header and file structure. You can define your own categorization nomenclature for every profile (e.g. a department). The file type (e.g. electrochemistry) can also be determined automatically.