Batch evaluation

With Batalyse you can evaluate several measurements and leave your computer workstation at the same time. You can evaluate your measurements during lunch break, during a meeting or overnight. To evaluate several measurements, click Evaluate data files in the Batalyse Toolbar.

When selecting the measurement file, select/mark not only one but several measurement files. The multiple files dialog opens. Apply Edit, Replace, Set All or Choose All to create or to load a parameter file for all selected test files. You can compare/benchmark specific files by grouping them with the same number in the column Comparison-group. If your tests were interrupted and restarted you can apply Merging group to connect the files with Data Analysis.

To start the evaluation with the button Run all it is required that all selected tests have an assigned parameter file indicated with a check. A green check means that the parameter file was created with the latest Data Analysis version. A yellow check means that the parameter file was created with an outdated version.

With the Show Help Button you obtain the subsequent information:

Automated evaluation

To automate the evaluation it is required that you apply our database software Collect. Collect includes a specimen library. If a test is finished, stored in Collect and if you already have assigned a parameter file to your test - Data Analysis will evaluate the test in the background and store the result in Collect. Afterwards you can directly access the results.